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German Import

Hips B (Good)

Elbows A (Normal)

DM clear n/n

SG Show Rated

Zaba is an absolutely gorgeous plush coated, deep black sable girl that we imported from Germany. She is an athletic, compact girl with correct conformation, a beautiful head. She is as sweet as they come, an total cuddle bug who loves everyone and adores attention.  Zaba has high ball and prey drive, and good defensive drives with naturally full, calm grips.  She has solid nerve and she isn't afraid of anything.  She loves to work and to play.  Zaba isn't equipment driven, so she will bite a suit or a sleeve.  She is very social and friendly, safe in public and good with kids and other dogs.   She is as talented and athletic as she is beautiful.  Well balanced, with a good off switch, Zaba is the perfect sweet family pet that can, and will, protect for real.

Zaba also has good hips and elbows, in fact, every dog in her 3 generation pedigree has good hips!

She also has a very impressive, proven working pedigree.  She is a blend of West German and Czech working lines.  She has multiple national and international competitors scattered around in her 5 generation pedigree.  Additionally, every dog in her 5 generation pedigree has earned working titles!  

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