Arsin BH, IGP1Arsin BH, IGP1
On sale

Arsin BH, IGP1

$32,500 $65,000
Rocky BH, IGP1Rocky BH, IGP1
On sale

Rocky BH, IGP1

$22,500 $55,000
Blue BH, IGP2Blue BH, IGP2
On sale

Blue BH, IGP2

$37,500 $75,000
Xavi IGP2Xavi IGP2

Xavi IGP2

Athos BH, Svv1, IGP1Athos BH, Svv1, IGP1
On sale

Athos BH, Svv1, IGP1

$32,500 $65,000

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At Vom Berk Haus, we start with the best, utilizing dogs with exceptional European line pedigrees that have already demonstrated competence in three phases: obedience, tracking, and protection. Thousands of hours of difficult training produce dogs that are incredibly intelligent, deal extremely well with high volumes of stress, readily handle new environments, and possess high working capabilities with a temperament that provides a smooth transition into a protective home life. All of our dogs have either been titled in working competition already, or gone through the detailed rigors of police dog training...but our dogs are set apart by their ability to love, to serve, and to protect WITHIN the home. Our dogs start their journey to you from our home, having been trained alongside our children and as part of our lives. Don't settle for anything less than the very best.