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Apollo Svv1, Kkl1, CAC


Apollo is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Meet Apollo, the dog of your dreams!  Apollo is a very large, 3 year old male with perfect coloring and build.  You will have to look a long time to find one this gorgreous!  This dog is an old soul with a big heart and a love for his family that extends far beyond the call of duty.  You will sleep well knowing that Apollo is on the job.  Sweet, kind, good natured and willing are all words easily attributed to him.  But the best words of all is that he is kind, gentle and thoughtful. But, do not let all those mushy words fool you.  Apollo is a powerful defender of the home and hearth. He was bred, raise and trained for this task and he knows his job well.  His pedigree is power packed with world champion dogs, and he is related to several of our females, so we know these lines well. Sweet and kind do not always go hand and hand with powerful fighting ability, but it does in this dog and that is why his is so special.  Take a hard look at his one and then give us a call to see if he might be the perfect match for your needs, odds are the answer is YES. 

Apollo currently has his Svv1 title, and is in training to have his IGP3 title.  Price will increase as training increases.

Apollo is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

Call us at 406.370.9630 to bring Apollo home. 

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