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Argos Mondior 1, BH


Argos is a Belgian Malinois with extensive training.  He has completed his Mondior 1, and is ready for his Mondior 2 & 3, trials were cancelled due to Covid, or he would have his Mondior 3 already (similar to IPO3).  He has been raised with children, is great with kids and in the house and is non destructive inside or outside. Argos is a friendly, easy dog to be around, he loves his people and has excellent obedience. He is also good with cats, which is rare in a working dog.  He has one ear that tips, giving him a happy, endearing look. Argos has very impressive protection, watch him work in his videos.  He loves protection and will bite without a sleeve without a problem. Any intruder is fair game to Argos, nothing will ever get by him.  He is an unusual malinois, in that he is suitable for a first time handler, he is friendly and social, good with other dogs and cats. This boy has had thousands of hours of work and training put into him and it shows!

Extremely nice family friendly Mali that is hard to find. 

For information on how to bring Argos home to your family contact us at 406.360.2990

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