Vomberkhaus Imports and Solutions LLC

Arko. BH/VT, IPO1


Arko is an eye-catching, 4 year old cinnamon malinois, with a beautiful, dark face.  He is an amazing dog, great with people, safe in public, and wonderful with well intending people. He has had thousands of hours of training put into him in protection, tracking and obedience.  He is an upbeat, happy boy, who loves to play fetch and loves his toys.  Arko has earned a BH, VT and IPO1 degree, which means he has on and off leash obedience, excels in tracking, and has fearless protection.  He will bite an intruder with or without a sleeve and can be called back with a word. He will protect your vehicle, home, family, estate, or anything else you ask him to, as well be a fun dog to have around.  

Contact us at 406.360.2990 for more information on Arko.

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