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Atrey Police K9


Atrey is an executive level protection dog.

Atrey is a phenomenal, once in a lifetime, male Malinois.  His DOB is 7/8/2017, he is titled and a certified police K9.  He has been used by the Slovokian police department for demonstrations in front of large crowds of how the police deploy and use an attack dog in a shooter situation. He is an absolutely amazing dog!  Dogs like him do NOT come up very often, and we are very lucky to have him!  He can find and search out weapons, narcotics, black powder, and any article that you hide. He can track and trail a missing person, obviously has amazing obedience and protection, and he can even do the swat maneuver of staying between your legs when in a shooting position and looking for a threat. Be sure to check out his videos!  He is a once in a lifetime dog. He also comes from a champion pedigree.  He is safe in public, and an incredible boy.  He will be snatched up by a police department and won't last long.  If you want a real life protection dog of the highest caliber in the world, and a dog that can live with you and be safe with your family, Atrey is the best of the best. 

Atrey is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

Call us at 406.370.9630 to bring him home.

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