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Brix (Timo x Klidkova Dvora) IPO3


VD rated

Breed Surveyed KKl1 & 5VQZ/P

HD-ZW 80

BH, IPO1, IPO2, & IPO3 Titles

 HD, ED 0/0 (Equivalent of OFA excellent hips & elbows)

Spine clear

Plush Coat

Czech Import

Brix is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Do you want a loyal dog?  Do you want a beautiful dog?  Do you want a super trained dog that's safe in public?  Do you want a power house protection dog that is safe and obedient under distractions?  Great with young children?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Brix is the dog of your dreams. Brix has the genetics that matter. He is a super dog, bred from the best of the best dogs that European bloodlines have to offer.  He is that once in a lifetime dog that can play with the kids, go for a walk with the wife, wear your arm out playing Frisbee AND keep the bad guys at bay deep into the night with his ever vigilant nature.  Zach isn't playing protection dog.  He IS an elite level protection dog with the brains, body, athletic nature, training and preparedness to ward you and your family when all else fails. 

Brix is an incredible dog.  He is a large boy, over 80 lbs, with extremely correct structure.  He has a beautiful, expressive head, and carries himself with a presence all his own.  He has small, symmetrical earsn and a very gentle, sweet demeanor. Brix is VD rated, and has earned a BH (traffic-sure companion dog test), and his IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3 titles (consisting of extensive tracking, on and off leash obedience, and protection).  He also has excellent hips and elbows.

Brix is an incredible family dog, and does amazing with kids of all ages.  He is a very happy dog and loves to be in your lap.  Brix is very balanced in his drives - good prey drive and ball drive, and very good food drives as well.  He is loyal and protective, happy in his obedience, bonds tightly to his handler, and is very protective.  With all that, he is a wonderful pet and family dog, and loves children.  He is very friendly and calm, and does great in the house. He is good with cats, cattle and horses, as well as other dogs.  

Brix also has a very impressive pedigree.  His sire, Marco, is a large V rated stud and has earned numerous titles. He has competed at the national and international level. Brix's dam, Brita, is also titled with her Zvv1.  She is a daughter of the great Tyson von der Schiffslache, 2 time champion an dproducer of great working dogs. Brix has an amazing, deep, background of working dogs going back generations. 

If you are looking for the very best, and can afford what you are looking for, you've found your dream dog!

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