Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds

Brutus PPD

$25,000 $55,000
Black sable male
 DOB: Dec 1, 2018

Check out Brutus!  You will not find a better looking, sweet and loveable family dog, who can and will eat a bad guy! This guy was trained by a very well known police K9 handler in Europe, named David.  David has trained top dogs for many police K9 units in the US, who return to him again and again when they need solid, dependable dogs.  You won't find a better trainer anywhere in the world.  Brutus has an extremely tight bond with his handlers, and is extremely protective of them.  Strong natural civil protective nature. Safe in public, safe with other dogs, good in the house, and has amazing off leash obedience.  He is a calm boy, with a big serious side. He will engage an attacker on command, and he will also take down someone sneaking up on you that you don't see, without a command. He also has an awesome release, and will let go on command.  No one will mess with you with a dog like Brutus around.  He also has a world class pedigree full of very famous, highly titled dogs.  This big beautiful boy is the full package - loveable family protector who knows his job and is extremely good at it.  The best part is, he's young and has his entire life ahead of him.  Check out Brutus' videos, we are sure you will agree, he is an exceptional dog and you won't find a boy like him anywhere else. 

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