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Veston is a young adult male, 2 years old. He is a gorgeous black and red boy with dark pigmentation and a beautiful black face. Veston is a very large boy who loves children, travels well and loves being in the house.  He is very playful and has a sweet, friendly personality.  His best feature is his outstanding temperament. He is healthy, social dog who is also great with other dogs. Veston is extremely interested in playing fetch, and absolutely loves to be with his family. He is safe in the house, in the yard, in public, and travels well in the car. His bitework is excellent without any nervousness or insecurity, which makes Veston very confident and strong in his protection. He also comes from a strong working German pedigree full of amazing dogs. 

Veston is a beautiful, amazing, all-around boy who has excellent off leash obedience, is safe and dependable, and will not hesitate to keep your family safe. He is ready to make your family his next priority!

Contact us at danandapril03@gmail.com or 406.360.2990 to bring Veston home.

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