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Duffy Rapax Bohemia





Hips 0/0  (Excellent)

Elbows 0/0 (Normal)

Czech Import

DM Clear 


Duffy is a gorgeous jet black Czech import.  She has perfect orthopedic health, beautiful, athletic conformation, perfect ear set, a pretty, feminine head, and deep amber eyes.  She is an extremely quick, athletic, fast dog.  She has extreme focus on her handler, extremely high ball and prey drive, and strong protective instincts.  She isn't afraid of anything, and is not equipment driven, meaning she will bite with or without a sleeve.  Her bites are calm, quick and full, and her obedience is focused and happy.  Duffy was bred and raised by a veterinarian who is also a GSD breeder and trainer.

She is also DM clear and can never produce a puppy affected by DM!

Duffy is an own daughter of Extreme Orex Aykmar! Those in the dog world need no introduction to Extreme.  He is the 3 time Czech National Champion! The 2015  World Champion, and the 2017 world runner-up! Extreme is a legend.

Extreme Orex Aykmar:

IPO3, SPr3, 5CX1/P

QUALIFICATION WUSV 2015 1st place CACT(97,96,95), Master of Czech Republic - age 36 months !!!

WUSV 2014 Haguenau, 8th place ( 93,98,94 ) 285 points, BEST OBEDIENCE WUSV 98 points - age 28 months !!!
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic - age 25 months
BH (60)
IPO1 (100,92,100)
IPO2 (97,99,100)
IPO3 (99,99,99)
SPr1 (100)
SPr2 (100)
SPr3 (99)

Extreme is a world class dog!  He produces exceptional dogs, including the current world champion this year! This year's world champion, Gringo Ja Na Ka, is a son of Extreme!

Duffy's mother is an own daughter of Chris Spod Lazov!

Chris Spod Lazov:

IPO1 - A: 99, B: 100, C: 100

IPO2 - A: 96, B: 93, C: 97

IPO3 - A: 98, B: 94, C: 95

Chris is a two time runner up Czech National Champion, and the 2013 WUSV World Champion!

Chris is an amazing world class dog that has produced exceptional dogs.  Chris died very early and does not have a lot of progeny.

Duffy's grandmother is out of Hank vom Weinbergblick!  Hank is the 2012 Czech National Champion, and has won 6, yes 6, World Champion titles and 1 World Champion runner up title! Hank is crazy talented.  Overall, he has 11 1st place titles, and 2nd place titles! Enough said!

Duffy has a pedigree of royalty, as well as the beauty, brains and talent to go with it!  She is a rare find, and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to add her to our program.  Combined with our in house VBH studs, Duffy will produce top GSD puppies that can't be found many places in the world.  Combined with Qvido, Duffy's puppies will be as legendary as her proven, outrageously packed pedigree!

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