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Harlem IPO3


Harlem is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Every once in a while, a special dog comes along, and that dog is Harlem. Harlem truly is a very unique find.  Harlem grew up under the watchful eye of a master decoy. He has had a rich life, full of fun, play, and professional training by the best in the industry.  He comes from the finest European champion lineage - every dog on his pedigree going back generation after generation is titled, which no doubt contributers to his incredible inteligence and talent. Harlem also has thousands of hours of protection and obedience training.  He is titled to the very highest level possible - IPO3 and earned extremely high scores in his trials.  He has perfect on and off leash obedience, and incredible protection skills.  He can be sent after an attacker with one command and called back with a single word.  He will stay by your side during a tense situation to provide real world threat deterrent and is not afraid to bite and take down any attacker, whether it is in your home, yard, vehicle, on the street, or anywhere else you might take him.  He is a fun, happy and confident dog as a result and he brings joy, love, loyalty and commitment to the lives of everyone he touches.  He is an elite personal protection dog in ways that other companies just talk about  Everyone knows the larger and darker the dog, the stronger the deterrent, and Harlem has the intimidating look, size and training to get it done.  The raw power and speed Harlem brings to the table will ensure you are protected from the most violent of attackers.

Watch his video and understand the massive amount of talent and dedication to craft that went into the development of this amazing, beautiful animal. On top of that, Harlem has been raised inside with young children.  He loves kids and is 100% safe with them.

Don't pass him up, he is a one in a million boy!

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For information on how to bring Harlem home to your family contact us at 406.360.2990

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