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Java is a beautiful dark sable plush coat 2 year old girl. Powerful looking girl with a beautiful flowing coat that immediately gets one's attention.  Her looks are the icing on the cake, but what's inside is the real value.  This dog has HEART.  A brave, willing, loyal defender of the home and hearth.  Java takes protecting her family seriously and she has the size, pedigree, training and temperament to back up her desire. She loves playing ball, hiking, biking, swimming and more.  She is just fun, fun, fun. Simply a blast to be around and it's just an added bonus that she such a safe and powerful dog with a full package of obedience, house manners

Kids? Check. Travel?  You bet, she loves it.  On top of all the extras she has super manners and a sweet, willing nature.  Be sure to watch her video, Java is sure to please most anyone's needs for companionship, loyalty and a fun, happy, willing protector.  Give us a call to see if she might be the perfect match for your needs.  

Call us at 406.360.2990 to bring Java home.

VBH Shepherds is a member of the BBB

Java is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

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