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Long hair sable female
 DOB: Aug 11, 2017

This girl is flat out cool! Java is a beautiful dark sable plush coat 3 year old girl. Powerful looking girl with a beautiful flowing coat that immediately gets one's attention.  Her looks are the icing on the cake, but what's inside is the real value.  This dog has HEART.  A brave, willing, loyal defender of the home and hearth.  Java takes protecting her family seriously and she has the size, pedigree, training and temperament to back up her desire. She loves playing ball, hiking, biking, swimming and more.  She is just fun, fun, fun. Simply a blast to be around and it's just an added bonus that she such a safe and powerful dog with a full package of obedience, house manners, and safe in public.  She is a large dog, between 80-85 lbs, which is huge for a female! 

Some dogs are happy and friendly and love everyone unless you give the command to attack.  Some dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers and are always on guard and assume it's their duty to keep you safe wherever you are.  Java is the latter. Sweet and friendly with anyone when properly introduced, this girl will naturally put herself between you and any stranger that comes up to you.  She is a wonderful pet, but she also has the rare natural ability to always watch your back, without the command to do so. Dogs like Java do NOT come up very often. 

 Be sure to watch her video, Java is sure to please most anyone's needs for companionship, loyalty and a fun, powerful, willing protector.  Give us a call to see if she might be the perfect match for your needs.  

Java is located in the US and is continuing her training, her trainer is extremely impressed with her and called her a unicorn!  She is one in a million.

Call us at 406.370.9630 to bring Java home.

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