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Oso BH, CAC, President's Cup, Derby Winner

$7,500 $35,000

Oso is a 2 year old male Rottweiler imported from Europe.  He loves children and other dogs, is safe in public, not dog reactive, and absolutely gorgeous! Oso has his BH obedience title, and has also earned multiple show (conformation) titles - Junior BOB, CAC (twice), Junior Champion SK, CAJC (twice). He also has a President's Cup and is a Derby Winner!  He is a perfect specimen of what a male rottweiler should be. He is a big boy, right at 90 lbs. Oso also has very strong nerves, and is not afraid or nervy of a threat or an attacker. Rather, he engages an attacker and moves towards the threat to neutralize it for his family.  He has a good foundation in sleevework, and has calm, full bites.  He is not a finished protection dog, but has a great start to be finished.  Oso has also spent a lot of time as an inside dog and loves to be with his people in the house. He has an extremely powerful, intimidating bark as well, much louder than our shepherds.  If you are looking for a sweet, family companion, who will scare away anyone who needs it with his size and bark, take a good look at Oso. He is also trained in car jacking scenarios. Oso is a cool dog, a total sweetheart with his people, and an intimidating family protector with a ton of heart when called upon. 

Unfortunately, Oso has a torn left rear ACL, a common injury for this breed that occurred during training.  Please call for details.  

Call 406.396.8967 to bring Oso home.

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