Vomberkhaus Imports and Solutions LLC

Willa - BH, VT, IPO1, 5CV5/55P


Willa is a large, beautiful sable 3 year old female.  She is a daughter of a very famous protection dog in Europe named Pike, who is also the father of our awesome dog, Cap.  We know these bloodlines well and are some of our very favorites! This sweet girl loves children, is safe in public, good with other dogs and in the house.  She is a very strong female, and will protect for real.  Give her the word, and she won't hesitate to bite with or without a sleeve.  You will know true freedom with a dog like Willa, you can take her absolutely anywhere and know she will keep you safe. An extremely stable, confident, sweetheart of a girl that knows her job well and loves it.  Take her to the park to play ball all day, and then bring her in the house and let your daughter play dress up with her, she's that kind of special. Willa has been raised with very young children.  Don't pass her up!

Willa is located in Europe, shipping is $2000

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