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Yasko SG, BH, IPO1


Yasko is a beautiful traditional black and red boy.  He is large, with an excellent European pedigree.  Every dog in his pedgiree going back generation after generation is highly trained and titled.  This contributes to his intelligence, eagerness to please, athleticism, and natural protective instincts.  Yasko is 3 years old and is already highly titled himself, he has earned his SG show rating, his BH and IPO1 degrees.  These titles require excellent on and off leash obedience, advanced tracking capabilities, and excellent protection skills.  He can take down attackers at a single command, as well as be called off with a single word to return to your side.  Yasko is also good in the house, safe in public, great with kids and other female dogs. He is a strong, dominant boy who is not recommended for cats, or other male dogs unless you plan on neutering him. Yasko is a powerful, fearless defender raised with children that will defend your family with his life. 

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Yasko is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

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