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Yorry VD, 5CV5/55P, BH, VT, Svv1, Svv2


Yorry is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Yorry is an extremely large, extremely powerful dog 4 year old dog. He is the real deal, a finished, powerful protector of your home and family. Yorry's training is precise, highly motivated and capable of high-level competition. He is already titled to the Svv2 level, and would have had his Svv3, but it was canceled due to Covid.  Svv3 is the hardest title to earn in the world, even more difficult than an IPO3 or IGP3!  Yorry has intense aggression (defense), powerful drive, strong nervous system and desire to engage a threat. His performance in obedience is flashy for such a large dog. Yorry can “turn on” in a fraction of a second (common for Malinois, not so common for Shepherds), when “turned on” he has explosive intense aggression (a lot of great dogs can have high pitched barks as a result of their prey drive), fewer will actually engage with powerful defense. Between his size and drive Yorry has the ability to physically subdue a large violent attacker (rather than just biting them while the dog is thrashed around as can happen with smaller dogs like the average Malinois). Yorry is also able to endure a fight for an extended amount of time and is very forward when engaging a threat. If he were a person and a bodyguard Yorry would be the type to not only jump up to protect you if a threat came into the room, but actually go over rather than around tables and chairs to engage the treat as quickly as possible. We can teach most dogs to do this as part of learned fighting skills but there’s a difference when a dog wants to do this naturally. It’s a matter of having a lot of heart when it comes to fighting.  

In everyday life Yorry is extremely confident, has a bold personality in public, but a softer and affectionate personality when at home with family.  He is good with other dogs, loves kids, and is even good with cats!  Something you won't find every day. 

Contact us at 406.370.9630 for more information on how to bring this beautiful boy to your family. 

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Yorry is currently located in Europe, shipping is $2,000


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