Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds


Sire: Xavi IGP2
Dam: Blue IGP2
DOB: June 26th
Sex: Sable female


Calla is a short-haired sable female.  She is well socialized and neutralized to her surroundings, but naturally very inquisitive.  She investigates new territories readily, and then prefers to be by her handler's side.  She likes to utilize her nose.  Calla will be an above average size for a female, approaching the top of breed standard for German Shepherds.  She tends to be independent and thoughtful in her actions, but does respond very quickly to handler engagement.  She loves her belly rubs and is a very trusting pup!  She loves her food as her pictures demonstrate :).

Her sire, Xavi, has very snappy obedience, a deep, powerful bite, and possesses a perfect conformation and head set.  Carrick's dam, Blue, is high drive, extremely confident, and very defensive.  We expect Calla to be a good mix of mindfulness and calm, confident approaches to obedience and life.   Calla will be ready to go home after August 21st.  

Call Dan at 406.396.8967 to bring Calla home! 


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