Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds


Sire: Xavi IGP2 (protection dog page)
Dam: Ammy BH (deterrent dog page)
DOB: 10/04/21
Sex: Female Black short hair


Elsa is a solid black female GSD pup.  She possesses moderately high energy and is anticipated to have good drives, lending itself to good trainability.  Her focus is intense, and she is extremely eager to please.  Elsa loves to follow us around the kennel, and will be a very loyal companion.  She is very outgoing, confident, and attentive.  We expect her to be an athletic, average sized female, at approximately 70lbs.  Elsa is missing one toenail on her front paw from playing with her liter-mates, it is assumed it will grow back, but we can’t be 100% sure.   


Elsa is out of VBH's own IGP2 stud, Xavi, and our retired Czech imported dam Ammy.  Xavi passes on perfect conformation, good drives, and extreme handler focus to his offspring.  Ammy is extremely affectionate and one of the most people oriented shepherds we've ever owned.  We expect Elsa to be a very balanced and very capable family companion for years to come. 



406.360.2990 to bring Elsa home 


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