Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds


Sire: Xavi IGP2
Dam: Zoe IPO3
DOB: June 29th
Sex: Sable male


Dak is an extreme colored black sable male.  Dak is more reserved than his littermates, preferring to observe the happenings around him before getting involved in the fray.  He is confident, however, when exposed to new surroundings. He loves to utilize his nose, and is a quiet observer and very exploratory.  He is very playful with his people, and has good prey drive developing as you can see in his photos.  He'll be a master at tug and fetch!  He loves pets and doesn't mind being on your lap.  He is very trusting of his handlers and stays focused on his people very well for a young age.  The video at the end of his pictures is after only a couple of training sessions...he's extremely intelligent! 

Dak's sire, Xavi, has very snappy obedience, a deep, powerful bite, and possesses a perfect conformation and head set.  His dam, Zoe, is high drive, vocal, with solid defense characteristics and extremely high intelligence.  We expect Dak to be a wonderful combination of the two.  He'll be loyal, loving, and protective of those he loves.   

Call Dan at 406.396.8967 to bring Dak home! 


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