Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds


Sire: Aron, Prim, Bob, Cac, BH, Vt, JBob, IPO1
Dam:  Bea Jugershof, SG2, Cac, Bob, IPO1
DOB:  Dec 26th
Sex: Solid black male


 Migo is a solid black, European imported male.  He has a very high inate defense drive, a good prey and food drive, and is well-rounded with a loyal, handler focused demeanor.  He loves being next to his person, and is the first pup to alert bark when something new is happening in his area.  His favorite position in the kennel is at the fence where he can watch all the happenings.  He'll be a very committed and determined family protector!  He is unique, with silver fur behind his ears, very beautiful boy!

Call us at 406-370-9630 to bring him home.  

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