Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds

Mili - plush coat

Long coat black and tan female
 DOB: 4/4/2020

Mili is an absolutely gorgeous plush coated pup. She is imported from Europe, and comes from excellent lines, with fully health tested and titled lineage.  Her pedigree is full of dogs titled both in work (IGP) and conformation and show titles!  This beautiful sweetheart is the best of both worlds. Mili is super sweet, loves her people, and her favorite pasttime is curling up on the couch for some cuddles. She is energetic and outgoing, but has a good off switch and loves to be by her people. She also has beautiful coloring, with a pretty face, and extra black mask. She is an exceptionally unique girl with extra long "fluff", and an extreme amount of black pigment.  Most black and tan shepherds have more of the saddle back pattern, Mili is uniquely gorgeous.  Check out the silver coming in on her back, extra dark, extra fluffy, sweetheart who will make an amazing pet  

Contact us at 406-370-9630 to bring her home. Mili is available now.  

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