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 Qvido Vepeden - IPO3 2x World Champion
Rafael Aykmar - VG, Zvv1
DOB:  February 20th, 2020
Sex:  Male


Zygon is a beautiful jet black pup with a very strong head and excellent structure.  You will have to look a long time to find a puppy this exceptional! Friendly and self-confident temperament, ideal for a family companion with the energy and extreme intelligence to quickly learn obedience as well as family protection. Already displaying the ability to quickly transition from calm and affectionate behavior with his family to high drive, as needed.  Zygon is sired by the only living German Shepherd to twice win the world championships.  His sire, Qvido Vepeden is beloved and respected internationally, an IPO3 with unprecedented ability to perform as both a working dog and family pet.  His dam is also in Europe and comes from a lineage of champion working dogs and family pets.

Zygon is the ideal addition to a family looking for a playful, loving and protective addition to their home, or TOP sport or work home.

*Zygon is an exceptional puppy. He has begun puppy training and knows sit, lay, stand, come, stay, walks on a leash, heals off leash, drive building, bitework, and has been well socialized, travels in a vehicle, and is used to being in the house.*

Check out his video!

Contact us at danandapril03@gmail.com or 406.360.2990 if you would like to bring Zygon home to your family.

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