Czech Import

Hips 0/0  Elbows 0/0


VD Rated

Breed Survey 5CU1/p1

Homozygous Sable

Youngest Tom grandaughter in the World!

Nais is a beautiful black sable Czech import.  She has earned her Zvv1 title with a VD rating.  She also has excellent hips and elbows. She has high prey and ball drive, and strong defensive drives with solid nerves.  She is a good sized girl and has wonderful conformation with deep black pigment with red undertones.  Nais is energetic and sweet, very friendly and loves her people.  She is a very well rounded dog.

Nais' pedigree is impressive and full of great working dogs.  Her sire, Gall Zla-Mi, (IPO3, FPr2, Zvv1) is one of the most gorgeous studs in Europe.  He is a direct son of the world famous Tom z Pohranicni Straze, and his entire pedigree is power packed and full of serious working dogs with heavy bone, deep pigment and solid nerve.

Nais' dam is Desire Gymor (Zvv1, VD Rated).  Lika also has a solid working pedigree.

Every dog in Nais' 4 generation pedigre is titled!

Also, all of Nais' parents and grandparents have excellent hips.  She passes on her excellent structure and hip health to her progeny, along with her strong desire to please, and natural protection instincts. 

Nais is a solidly bred, well rounded, confident girl that is a joy to be around and beautiful to boot!

Nais Gymor

Nais' Sire & Dam

Carry Rovra

VD Rated


Breed Survey 5V5/45P

Hips C  Elbows A

Slovak Import

CM Clear n/n

Carry is our Slovak imported female.  She has an VD show rating, a 5V5/45P breed survey, and her ZVV1 title, consisting of extensive training in protection, tracking, and on and off leash obedience.  Carry is a strong, powerfully built female, about 85 lbs, with heavy bone and good conformation, and a beautiful, broad, expressive head with perfect ear set.  She is also a gorgeous deep black sable.  She has been raised in a family environment and is stable and clear minded, with a strong civil side and good defensive drives.  She will protect for real, but she is also a cuddle bug and loves attention and children. She is the ideal female to produce strong, civil, dogs for police, dual purpose, or real world family protection.

Carry is also DM clear and can never produce a puppy with degenerative myelopathy!

Carry has a very impressive, very deep working pedigree.   In fact, EVERY dog in her 4th generation pedigree has earned working titles!

She is an own daughter of Vero vom Osterfeld, IPO3.  Vero laced 7th at the German National Championship in 2014.  Vero is a large, gorgeous black and tan male who is extremely proven on the field and producing exceptional working dogs.

Kaira's dam is Jeny z Klidkova Dvora Svv1. She also has a deep, very impressive working pedigree.

Carry is a beautiful, talented and sweet girl and we are proud to have her in our program!

Carry in Slovakia

Carry's dam

Jeny z Klidkova Dvora

Brita Budikovice

Czech Import

BH, Zvv1

HD/ED 0/0

VD rated

DM Clear n/n

Brita is a beautiful dark sable female, with striking black and silver pigmenting & correct structure.  She has a very pretty broad head, short muzzle, short ears with a good ear set.  Brita comes from a small kennel in the Czech Republic that produces solid dogs exposed to family life and many different venues. Brita has excellent defensive drives and solid nerve - a very confident, forward female.  She also has high ball and prey drives and loves to work.  She is also the perfect size at 75 lbs.

Brita is also DM clear and can never produce a puppy with degenerative myelopathy!

Brita has an incredibly stacked pedigree, packed full of national and world competitors. 

Brita's sire is Hoky Va-pe, Zvv3, IPO3, SchH3, national & world qualifier and competitor.  Hoky's sire is Tyson, also a 3x national champion. Tyson's sire Olix, is a national champion, and his sire Boy, is a national and international champion!

Tyson's maternal grandsire is Fado von Kathargo, 1st place national champion in 1989 and won back to back WUSV world championships in 1989 and 1990.  Also on Brita's top side is Unar von der Maineiche, a national and international chapion, Rima and Yoschy, national and international champions.  And that's only Brita's top side!

Brita's dam is Bonna Errinor, IPO3, FPr1, ZOP, Zvv1, KKL2, & 5CV1/P.  Bonna is by Charik Galan Nalag, himself a 2010 WUSV competitor, by Gringo von der Mohnwiese, a 2x national and WUSV champion, who is by the great Tom, 4x national and WUSV champion! Also on her dam's side within 4 generations Brita has Bleia, Task, Ellute, Tom again, Aline & Art, ALL national and international champions - some as many as 6x!  

I dare you to find a more power-packed, proven pedigree than this girl's.  

Brita is the real deal.  She is gorgeous, athletic, powerful, protective and loves her people. She is everything a GSD should be.

Brita's Sire & Dam

Taryn z Jirkova Dvora

Hips OFA FAir

Elbows OFA Normal

Cardiac OFA Normal

DM Clear

Taryn is a beautiful deep black sable girl.  She has wonderful conformation and a beautiful head, with dark eyes and perfect ear set.  She is a large, solidly built girl. about 70 lbs.  Taryn is always alert, and always protecting her family.  She has high prey drive and good ball and food drive.  Taryn has strong protection instincts, and naturally protects her boundary and stays within it without a fence.  She is great in the house and wonderful with kids.  

Taryn has been raised by a K9 police handler and his family and is a solid, fearless, confident girl.

She also has a deep solid Czech pedigree full of real world working dogs.  She is a very balanced dog and the absolute epitome of a working female.

Taryn's Sire

More pictures coming soon!

Zaba del Camino Duro

German Import

Hips B (Good)

Elbows A (Normal)

DM clear n/n

SG Show RAted


Zaba is an absolutely gorgeous plush coated, deep black sable girl that we imported from Germany. She is an average sized girl with correct conformation, a beautiful head. Zaba has high ball and prey drive, and good defensive drives with naturally full, calm grips.  She has solid nerve and she isn't afraid of anything.  She loves to work and to play.  Zaba isn't equipment driven, She will bite a suit or a sleeve.  She is very social and friendly, safe in public and good with kids and other dogs.   She is as talented and athletic as she is beautiful.  Well balanced, with a good off switch, Zaba is the perfect sweet family pet that can, and will, protect for real.

Zaba also has good hips and elbows, in fact, every dog in her 3 generation pedigree has good hips!

She also has a very impressive, proven working pedigree.  She is a blend of West German and Czech working lines.  She has multiple national and international competitors scattered around in her 5 generation pedigree, also every dog in her 5 generation pedigree has earned working titles!  

Zaba passes on her gorgeous pigment, good health, deep working pedigree, and her calm, common sense demeanor to her pups.  She is a beautiful and talented addition to VBH Kennel!

Zaba in Germany

Furia Stary samotar

G show Rating




Hips 0/0  (Excellent)

Elbows 0/0 (Normal)

DM clear n/n

Slovakian Import

Furia is a gorgeous black sable female, with deep pigmenting, correct structure, a very pretty, feminine head, good ear set, and dark expressive eyes.  She also has excellent hips and elbows, and is DM clear - she can never produce a puppy affected by DM (degenerative myelopathy)!  Furia is a medium sized, athletic dog.  She is very quick on her feet and fast to the sleeve. She also has very high ball and prey drives and loves to work.  Furia is a higher drive, intense, dominant type female - truly the old school working Czech type female.  She does settle nicely and has a good off switch.  She is intense and a thinker, but isn't go go all the time. She settles very well in the house, and is non-destructive when not working. 

Furia is the epitome of a working female.  She has high natural civil drive.  If a stranger approaches our property, or our vehicle, she will her her tough bark and let them know it's not a good idea, and alert us.  Exactly what a dog of her pedigree, training, and natural ability should do.

Her pedigree is packed full of proven, old school Czech lines, all titled and top producing working and family dogs. She goes back to many of the world champion, foundation German Shepherd greats, including Ellute von der Mohnwiese, Tom van't Leefdahlhof, Drago Eqidius, Nash vom Lisdorferland, Nike Eqidius, and others.  Many regional, national and international competetitors and champions. 

She produces very well rounded pups with solid drives, calm dispositions, and beautiful pigment and structure. 

Furia in Slovakia

Furia's Sire & Dam

Gramanns Xena

V2 Rated

Korung 1






Hips 0/0  (Excellent)

Elbows 0/0 (Normal)

German Import

Xena is our phenomenal German imported female.  She has a V2 show rating,  excellent hips and elbows, and has earned her korung 1,(the highest class recommended for breeding).  She has also earned her BH, AD, IPO1, IPO2, & IPO3 titlesconsisting of extensive training in protection, tracking, and on and off leash obedience.  IPO3 is the highest title possible.

Xena is an absolutely gorgeous deep black sable with red  undertones.  She has perfect conformation, a beautiful head, dark eyes, correct ear set, and a quick, athletic build.

She loves to work, is stable and clear headed, high drive, quick to the sleeve, and has calm, full bites.  xena loves to track and is dedicated to finding her target, she has flashy obedience and is very handler focused.  Xena is not equipment driven and will attack a sleeve, suit or hidden sleeve. 

She been raised in a family environment and is stable and clear minded, with a strong civil side and good defensive drives.  She will protect for real, but she is also a cuddle bug and loves attention and children. She is the ideal female to produce world class, strong, civil, dogs for police, dual purpose, or real world family protection.

Xena has a very impressive, very deep working pedigree.   In fact, EVERY dog in her 6th generation pedigree has earned working titles! That's over 250 dogs!  Another very impressive part of her pedigree, is that her breeder, Hans, has bred the last 8 generations of dogs in her pedigree, taking numerous dogs to regional and national competitions and consistently placing very high.  He has been breeding, training and competing with these lines since the 80s, and Xena  is from the very heart of his program. Very few breeders in the world can boast such longevity and success!

Xena has an extremely impressive and special legacy.

Duffy Rapax Bohemia




Hips 0/0  (Excellent)

Elbows 0/0 (Normal)

Czech Import

Duffy is a gorgeous jet black Czech import.  She has perfect orthopedic health, beautiful, athletic conformation, perfect ear set, a pretty, feminine head, and deep amber eyes.  She is an extremely quick, athletic, fast dog.  She has extreme focus on her handler, high ball and prey drive, and strong protective instincts.  She isn't afraid of anything, and is not equipment driven, she will bite with or without a sleeve.  Her bites are calm and full, and her obedience is focused and happy.  Duffy was bred and raised by a veterinarian who is also a GSD breeder and trainer.

Duffy is an own daughter of Extreme Orex Aykmar! Those in the dog world need no introduction to Extreme.  He is the 3 time Czech National Champion! The 2015  World Champion, and the 2017 world runner-up! Extreme is a legend.

Extreme Orex Aykmar:

IPO3, SPr3, 5CX1/P

QUALIFICATION WUSV 2015 1st place CACT(97,96,95), Master of Czech Republic - age 36 months !!!

WUSV 2014 Haguenau, 8th place ( 93,98,94 ) 285 points, BEST OBEDIENCE WUSV 98 points - age 28 months !!!
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic - age 25 months
BH (60)
IPO1 (100,92,100)
IPO2 (97,99,100)
IPO3 (99,99,99)
SPr1 (100)
SPr2 (100)
SPr3 (99)

Extreme is a world class dog!  He produces exceptional dogs, including the current world champion this year! This year's world champion, Gringo Ja Na Ka, is a son of Extreme!

Duffy's mother is an own daughter of Chris Spod Lazov!

Chris Spod Lazov:

IPO1 - A: 99, B: 100, C: 100

IPO2 - A: 96, B: 93, C: 97

IPO3 - A: 98, B: 94, C: 95

Chris is a two time runner up Czech National Champion, and the 2013 WUSV World Champion!

Chris is an amazing world class dog that has produced exceptional dogs.  Chris died very early and does not have a lot of progeny.

Duffy's grandmother is out of Hank vom Weinbergblick!  Hank is the 2012 Czech National Champion, and has won 6, yes 6, World Champion titles and 1 World Champion runner up title! Hank is crazy talented, overall, he has 11 1st place titles, and 2nd place titles! Enough said!

Duffy has a pedigree of royalty, as well as the beauty, brains and talent to go with it!  She is a rare find, and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to add her to our program.

Duffy at 12 months

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