Cap & Iron are available for stud to approved females only. 
$2500 stud fee.


Al Capone Seahawk

Czech Import

BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3 Titles


HD, ED 0/0 (Equivalent of OFA excellent hips & elbows)

DM Clear

Homozygous SAble

Cap is the epitome of a working male.  He has gorgeous sable coloring, a beautiful, broad masculine head, perfectly set proportional ears, and dark eyes.  He is extremely heavy boned, tall and correct in his angulation and conformation.  He is a large, tall male and weighs a solid 85 lbs.

Cap is very handler oriented, takes correction well and is a strong, forward boy.  He isn't afraid of anything and has solid nerves.  He has tons of ball and food drive, and a very solid defensive drive.  His obedience is very flashy and he was complimented several times by different judges for his happy, precise obedience.  Cap has a lot of energy and drive, but has also been raised as a house dog in a family with children.  He is social and safe and a great family dog.  At the same time, he has a very strong civil side.  Cap is very watchy of strangers and will often bark and growl at them until he gets the OK from us. Then he is all wags and licks.  He will protect for real and will not back down unless told.

Cap is also DM clear (n/n).  He can NEVER sire a puppy affected by DM (degenerative myelopathy)!

He is also homozygous sable, and produces 100% sable pups!

Cap has been trained and titled in all 3 phases (obedience, tracking, and protection) to the very highest level - IPO3!  

Cap is good with other dogs, male or female, livestock, cats, and is wonderful with children.  He is a natural protector, while being safe to leave loose in the yard, without wandering or being destructive.

His pedigree is flawless.  He is an own son of the legendary Pike del Lupo Nero! Pike is currently one of the most sought after stud dogs in Germany.  Pike participated 3 times in LGA (regional championships) and 1 time in BSP.  (national championships) He always made 95 points or better in the protection phase.

Cap's dam, Hopsinks is an IPO3 daughter of Kato Aritar Bastet.  Kato won 1st place at the 2013 Czech CKNO National Championships, and 2nd place at the 2013 Czech Republic IPO Championships.  He also competed at WUSV in 2013.

Cap's pedigree is also stacked with other regional, national and international competetitors and champions.  You cannot write a better pedigree than this boy's!

Cap is a very happy, confident, outgoing boy, with an outstanding pedigree and loads of working ability.  He will produce very well rounded family pets, home protection dogs, working and sport dogs.  VBH Shepherds is proud and excited to add him to our kennel.

Iron z Vodnanske Doliny

VD rated

BH & Zvv1 Titles


HD, ED 0/0 (Equivalent of OFA excellent hips & elbows)

DM Clear


Czech Import


Iron is our Czech import stud and the foundation of our breeding program.  He is an incredible dog.  He is the perfect size, 85 lbs, with extremely correct structure.  He has a beautiful, expressive head, and carries himself with a presence all his own.  Iron is VD rated, and has earned a BH (traffic-sure companion dog test), and his Zvv1 (consisting of extensive tracking, on and off leash obedience, and protection).  He also has excellent hips and elbows, and is DM clear - he can never produce a puppy affected by DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)!  Iron is an incredible family dog, and does amazing with kids of all ages.  He is a very happy dog and loves to be in your lap.  Iron is very balanced in his drives - tons of prey drive and ball drive, and very good food drives as well.  He is loyal and protective, happy in his obedience, bonds tightly to his handler, and is very protective.  With all that, he is a wonderful pet and family dog, and loves children.  He is good with cats, cattle and horses, as well as other dogs.  Iron also has a very impressive pedigree.  His sire, Mates, is also VD rated, and has earned numerous titles:  ZVV3, ZPS2, ZPO1, BH, IPO3, FPR3, FH2, ZMT, T3, OPT3, and others!  His dam, Dixxi, is also titled with her Zvv1 and her IPO3.  He has an amazing, deep, background of working dogs going back generations.  Iron's pups are proving themselves in loyal pet homes, SAR, narcotics detection, personal home protection and sport homes!  Iron is a wonderful addition to our breeding program and to our family!


Videos of Iron in the Czech Republic:

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