Vom Berk Haus (VBH) is a breeder of pedigree German Shepherd puppies and protection dogs based in Corvallis, Montana. We are committed to raising elite German Shepherds in a way that preserves the integrity, nobility, and magnificence of this exceptional dog breed.

Vom Berk Haus is a passion project - we aim to show the world how great the German Shepherd can be, as well as raise awareness of the vital role these dogs can play in professional and home protection. Pedigree Shepherds bring companionship, protection and peace of mind.

Our Story

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website, we are Dan and April Berk.  We got our first shepherd as soon as we were married, before we even had kids.  We knew right away this was the breed for us!  Soon after, people started asking us for a puppy once they had met our dog, and one thing led to another. We now have 7 kids, 4 biological, and 3 adopted, ages 5-21.  We are huge advocates for adoption and foster care.  April is a 6th generation Montanan, her family came up the Oregon Trail and settled in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in the 1800s.  She grew up on a cattle ranch and farm that has been in the family for generations.  Dan also grew up nearby with cattle, horses, sheep and chickens.  Most of our extended family lives within 10 minutes of us, we feel very blessed to have our family close by and be able to live in such an amazing place. With our strong agricultural backgrounds, animal husbandry and care has been a part of our lives since we could walk.  Dan received his doctorate degree from the University of Montana in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has additional certification as a veterinary compounding pharmacist.  His extensive knowledge of healthcare is something that you will only find at VBH, and is a huge asset to our kennel.

Wide Open Space

Our dogs are exposed to everything under the sun. We currently have a small ranch, and our dogs are around our own kids, cattle, horses, chickens, cats, deer, equipment, everything that goes on with a busy ranch, as well as a constant stream of other people and kids coming and going.  All the cousins love to come over and play with the puppies!  We have a shooting range nearby, so they are also de-sensitized to small arms fire. Dan is a pastor at our church in Hamilton as well, and leads the Youth Group.  In our free time, we enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, biking, pottery, and fishing.

We are located in beautiful Big Sky Country, in Corvallis, Montana. We ship our dogs and pups worldwide, and have shipped to every state in the U.S. Here in Corvallis, our dogs have the wide open space to grow and thrive.  VBH dogs have everything they need here to be the best protection and family dogs possible!

Our dogs have very large 10x50' outdoor runs where they can stretch their legs, that connect to heated and cooled 5x5' indoor runs.  Our 2,000 sq ft kennel barn is state of the art, with infloor heat, epoxy floors for easy cleaning, K9 ballistic raised dog beds, Kennel Pro galvanized kennels, and swivel dog food bowls.  We also have a wash station, laundry area, office, and blow out station in the barn.  Our pups have equally large outdoor runs full of rope toys, balls, tugs, kongs, and toys to keep them occupied, their indoor runs are 5x10', also heated and cooled.  All dogs and pups are hand fed daily, and individually worked. They live like kings!

We Love German Shepherds.

We believe there is no better dog to be man's best friend and protector. This belief has fueled our commitment and passion to raise truly incredible dogs, and bring Europe's finest to your home. Our dogs will impress and inspire, combining intelligence, health, desire to please, loyalty, fearlessness, courage, athleticism, and beauty into one awe-inspiring experience.