Vom Berk Haus Protection Dogs was born as a result of the need to bridge a gap we saw in the protection dog training industry. We noticed the need to create family friendly, yet real-life protection dogs. Our dogs are not trained in a field a few times a week but in real life situations that actually matter and prepare them for real encounters. Our protection dogs spend their lives in homes, not kennels & crates. They meet people in all types of environments. This gives you the benefit of enjoying the strength of a dog that understands its role in the family. You keep your family safe and enjoy peace of mind with the best experience and selection at Vom Berk Haus. 

Our world-class German Shepherds are meticulously selected from the top European pedigrees ensuring the best possible temperament and physical condition.

We hand-select dogs descending from a long line of animals who have passed rigorous temperament testing. The European approach tests a dog’s ability to fight an aggressor while maintaining a perfect disposition for living in a family environment.

These majestic companions are raised in families, well socialized, extensively trained and meet the highest breed standard (healthy hips, elbows, etc.). They are exposed to real world situations aimed at challenging their courage and emotional stability before the dog is deemed suitable for breeding.

Why Buy a European Import German Shepherd?

A robust community for sport dog training is found throughout Europe, and German Shepherd owners start their dogs in this program at a young age. They enjoy dog training so much that a typical German Shepherd owner gets a new puppy every 6 to 9 months. Although it might be hard for Americans to understand, these dog enthusiasts usually sell their fully trained dogs and continue the process of training more pups. This often becomes a life-long avocation.

Vom Berk Haus only consider those dogs that have truly excelled in all aspects of this intense and exhaustive system.  We can confidently stand behind your new dog knowing that this majestic companion will quickly become an indispensable and loved member of your family.

Higher Standards

The following factors contribute to the superb quality of our dogs:
  • Our dogs come from a long line of unique animals that have demonstrated complete mastery of tracking, obedience and protection work.
  • These magnificent creatures possess superior intelligence, working ability and physical prowess. They are courageous and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their masters’ safety. Finally, our dogs are poised, self confident, and good-natured.
  • Our dogs must be free of any hip problems, as determined by a board certified radiologist, and must meet exacting breed standards, far in excess of anything the American Kennel Club (AKC) would require.

In the United States, almost any two dogs can be bred, and have their puppies receive “papers.” Not so in Europe. The German Shepherd Breed Warden must certify that the dog is of impeccable physical and emotional stability before the dog is deemed suitable for breeding.

The Perfect Fit

Vom Berk Haus engages in a comprehensive screening process to make sure the dog you purchase is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and needs. Through this process, we thoroughly answer all of your questions and help you find a wonderful guardian and companion. We believe this process produces the right results every time.

We welcome potential clients to visit our kennels located in Corvallis, Montana and meet some of our dogs.