Qvido Vepeden & Gringo Ja Na Ka - only at VBH!

Here at Vom Berk Haus, we are staunchly committed to the original German Shepherd - its European roots, quality and integrity. In everything, we try to insure that the breed remains strong, resilient and successful for many years to come. 

To that end, we have exclusive US breeding rights to the last 2 World Champions! Both Qvido Vepeden and Gringo Ja Na Ka are the apex of what a GSD should be. They have each proven themselves repeatedly on many different fields and venues around the world. Their intelligence, stamina, drives, desire to please and protect, ability to work with their handler as a team, physical structure, mental toughness, nerves, persistence, focus, problem solving, instincts, athleticism, bravery, speed, power, and confidence is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Not only that, but these two dogs are also amazing family companions who live in homes and are every-day companions to their families.

We are proud to partner with these two amazing families and provide the best genetics the world has to offer.  

At Vom Berk Haus, we bring the best in the world to your backyard!

Qvido needs no introduction! He has made his mark in GSD history. Very, very few dogs earn the title of world champion, even fewer do it twice!

Qvido is a gorgeous deep black sable, with wonderful conformation and thick bone. He's a machine on the field: his protection scores are almost perfect every time. His flashy obedience, deep nose, strong protection, and love to work have propelled him to the very top, placing 4th at the Czech Republic Nationals, qualifying for the World's and then placing 1st at WUSV.

Qvido is currently in the Czech Republic and is one of the most sought after sires in Europe. His pedigree is power-packed as well. Qvido is out of Jaro Ja He, himself a National and World contender and champion. Qvido's dam is Agata Vepeden, a highly titled daughter of the great Jaguar Aritar Bastet, and a grandaughter of Grim. Qvido was raised with children, and is a family dog as well. He is the perfect all-around package of what a GSD should be.


  • IPO1 97, 96, 99 - 292 points
  • IPO2 99, 96, 99 - 294 points
  • IPO3 94, 96, 98 - 288 points
  • HD/ED 0/0
  • SG & 5V1/P
  • 2x World Champion!
  • 1st Place WUSV (World Champion) 2018 - 98, 94, 93 - 285 points
  • 1st Place WUSV team 2018
  • 1st Place WUSV (International Competition) 2016 -- 93, 98, 98 - 289 points
  • 4th Place Czech National Championships 2016 -- 96, 94, 93 - 283 points
  • 2nd Place Czech National Championships 2017 - 96, 96, 96 - 288 points
  • 2017 WUSV Competitor
  • 2017 WUSV 2nd Place Team
  • ​2018 2nd Place Czech National Champion (91, 95, 95) - 281 Points

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