Vom Berk Haus

Ammy BH

Black sable female
DOB: 6/1/2017

If you're looking for a sweet, beautiful family companion, take a long look at Ammy.  Amy is a kind, calm, gentle old soul, a rare thing to be found in a working dog.  Ammy was raised in a busy household in Europe, with cats, children, and lots of activity.  She loves long walks in the woods, swimming, and playing fetch out in the field. She is just as happy to curl up on the couch with the kids and watch a movie, as long as she gets some popcorn!  Ammy has stunning good looks, excellent conformation, beautiful coloring and a pretty head with a sweet expression. Her pedigree is the icing on the cake. Her sire, Xanuk, competed at 6, yes 6! world championships! That's completely unheard of in the IGP world. He is also a many time national and regional champion. (There is a video of Xanuk at the end) Xanuk's sire is another very famous dog named Quardes. Ammy's dam is also highy titled as is every other dog on her pedigree going back many generations.  This beautiful, sweet girl is the total package! 

Ammy is a European import. Call us at 406-396-8967 to bring her home.  Dogs like Ammy do not sit around long. HINT, if you are interested in her, grab her while you can!

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