Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds

Arya - plush coat

Sire: Xavi IGP2
Dam: Zoe IPO3
DOB:  Dec 23rd
Sex: Plush coat sable female


 Arya is a uniquely beautiful, long haired and broad headed sable female offerred from our primary domestic VBH kennel.  She is extremely confident and loves to utilize her nose and explore.  She is bold and very intense in her attention to her handler and surroundings.  She likes to be on the move and familiarize herself with her territory, then is very content to be by your side, and possesses an extreme amount of focus for a young pup.  She has very high food, ball, and prey drive, and this will lend itself to a high degree of trainability. She's the rare combination of perfect head set/conformation, natural skill, and stunning looks you rarely find.  It is rare to find a pup as naturally beautiful as Arya!  Her sire is one of VBH's most beloved GSDs of all time, Xavi.  She's the spitting image of her dad, but in a long haired version!  Her dam is one of the best bred dams we have ever owned, Zoe.  If you're looking for an amazing, loyal family companion and protector, that has a unique, gorgeous long coat, check out Arya!


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