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Ruger - IGP3, V rated, 5CV5/55


Ruger is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Ruger is trained to the very highest level possible (IGP3). He comes from a world class pedigree, with multiple international champions.  We are very familiar with these bloodlines, Ruger he is related to several of our top females.  He is a large, solidly built male, with beautiful sable coloring and an expressive face with striking eyes. Check out his pictures with the little girl, Ruger actually smiles!  He is such a cool dog with his golden eyes and striking face. Ruger is a very athletic 85-90 lbs and 3 years old.  He has excellent on and off leash obedience, as would be expected with his level training, is completely safe in public, safe at the park, and he is even great with other dogs (even small dogs), and absolutely loves kids!  This guy is easy to live with and a perfect jogging companion, or hiking buddy. Ruger does chew on his tail sometimes if he is left in a kennel for long periods of time, he must prefers to be with his family.  He will defend his new owner with his life and will not back down from a threat.  Ruger is a phenonenal dog of the highest quality, dogs like him don't come along very often!

Ruger is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

Call us at 406.360.2990 for more information.

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