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Brody is a beautiful black sable 7 month old male puppy.  He comes from world class bloodlines, his father Dronko is an IPO3 titled male (the highest title possible).  His dam is also a beautiful titled female, in fact, every dog in his pedigree is titled!  Brody first love is his toys, he loves to carry toys around in his mouth, and he has a lot of toys! He is also a ham who loves to play and goof around. His character is very balanced, you can take him anywhere.  He is great at the vet, loves going to the park, travels well, loves other people and dogs.  He is basically a prince and he knows it!  Brody has completed basic puppy class, has good obedience, a fantastic foundation, and has started protection work, which he loves. He loves treats and is very motivated by them. He has had his hips and elbows x rayed already, and they look great.  If you are looking for a life long partner who likes to play with toys, Brody might be just the guy for you! 

Call us at 406.360.2990 to bring Brody home today.

Brody is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

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