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$2,500 $3,500
Sire: Xavi IGP2
Dam: Zoe IPO3
DOB: June 29th
Sex: Sable Female


Draya is a uniquely colored black sable female. She has deep red undertones to her puppy coat, and a beautiful silver and black mask. Draya has very intense handler focus, intensified by her dark piercing eyes.  She is incredibly intelligent and picks up training ridiculously quickly, as demonstrated in her videos!  She has medium energy, and good prey drive.  She is tending to be a more dominant female puppy, especially with her female counterparts.  She'll have a beautiful headset, perfect conformation, and will have average to above average size for a female.  We expect Draya to excel in sport, work, or in a home setting that will offer her discipline and structure.  She has an outgoing and friendly attitude, and is most satisfied by her handler's side. 

Draya's sire, Xavi, has very snappy obedience, a deep, powerful bite, and possesses a perfect conformation and head set.  Her dam, Zoe, is high drive, vocal, with solid defense characteristics and extremely high intelligence.  We expect Draya to carry on these excellent qualities, and excel as a personal protection, working, or disciplined pet dog.  

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