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Raif V, BH, IGP1


Raif is a large 3 year old black sable male with a beautiful, but intimidating look. Amazingly athletic for a large dog and he loves agility, hiking, biking, swimming and more.  He is just fun, fun, fun. Simply a blast to be around and it's just an added bonus that he such a safe and powerful dog with a full package of obedience, house manners that is rare in such a large, powerful dog. His looks are the icing on the cake, but what's inside is the real value.  This dog have HEART.  A brave, willing, loyal defender of the home and hearth.  Raif takes protecting his family seriously and he has the size, training and temperament to back up his desire. He comes from generations of top border patrol dogs in Europe. His sire, Jaro JaHe is a world champion dog and the sire of our Qvido Vepeden, 2x world champion!  Raif is a phenomenal boy with a world beater pedigree.  He has been raised with kids, other dogs, and in the house and has a stable, happy personality. He is wonderful to live with and is a total sweetheart with his family. He has excellent on and off leash obedience and has earned his BG and IGP1 titles.  He has also had thousands of hours of protection training, and will bite without hesitation on command.  He also knows to release with a single word.  Raif is an easy dog to handle and would be great for a first timer or a family, and he's easy on the eyes!

All the hard work has been done with this gorgeous boy, and he is looking for his next family to love and protect!

*Videos available upon request

For informaiton on how to bring Raif home to your family contact us at 406.360.2990

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