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Exor IPO1, IPO2, IPO3


Exor is an Executive Level Protection Dog.

Exor is an incredible dog.  It's not every day you find a gorgeous, 120 lb ball of muscle that is trained to the very highest level (IPO3).  Add to that, Exor loves kids, is safe with other dogs, in public, with strangers, and this dog even gets along with cats!  Watch his video to see what he is capable of.  Not every dog has what it takes to reach an IPO3 title, this gorgeous boy has done it.  Exor is 4 years old, has excellent joints, and is still being worked every week, so his obedience is lightning quick and his bites are full and hard. As an added bonus, his commands are even in English!  It's no secret that the bigger and darker the dog, the bigger the deterrent.  With Exor around, no one will dare bother you, your loved ones, or your home.  If you want the very best available and want a beautiful, loving and sweet dog on top of it, take a look at Exor! 

Call us at 406.360.2990 to bring Exor home.

VBH Shepherds is a member of the BBB

Exor is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

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