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Macho IGP1, 5V1/P


When you ask me questions about Macho you will hear a lot of... YES.  Yes, he is great with kids.  Yes, he is super fun to play with.  Yes, his obedience and protection are freaking amazing as you can see from the videos.  Yes, he loves to travel and go and hike and bike and swim.  Yes, he is good with other pets and company.  Yes, even your crazy Uncle Bob :)  Yes, he is exactly as cool as he seems in all those videos.  And YES, he really is an old soul, even though he's only 2, and can just chill in the house for days watching old movies. He really is all that and a bag of chips.  Hundreds of hours of love and training have gone into this exceptional dog.  He pedigree is world class and he has a lot of very successful brothers and sisters already in homes. He is an own son of the 2x world champion, Qvido Vepeden!   We know and love this pedigree and that is why we pursued exclusive breeding rights to Qvido.  We've had many, many Qvido progeny, and it doesn't get any better than a Qvido son.  Macho is the dog that people dream of owning, but rarely get the chance to.  Don't let this one slip past you.  Call now and talk with Dan to see if your situation and Macho are a perfect match.  Odds are I am going to say YES.

Macho is located in Europe, shipping is $2,000

Call 406.370.9630 for informaiton on how to bring Macho home.


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