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$6,500 $7,500
Sire:  2x WUSV Champion Qvido Vepeden
 Dam:  Carry Rovra
DOB: March 30, 2020
Sex: Female silver sable


Moxie vom Berk Haus was born March 30th and is available for shipping now.  She is a beautiful silver sable pup with excellent conformation and a broad facial structure.  She has good food and toy drive, and exceptional defensive drives.  She is eager to see her handler upon entering the pen, and readily takes up play with other pups and people.  She is confident and outgoing, possessing a very inquisitve and curious personality.  Moxie will take to obedience very quickly.  She is very loving, cuddly, and loyal, readily moving to be on your lap.

Moxie is sired by the only living German Shepherd to twice win the world championships.  Her sire, Qvido Vepeden is beloved and admired internationally, an IPO3 with unprecedented ability to perform as both a working dog and family pet. Her dam, Carry, was also imported from Europe and also comes from a lineage of champion working dogs and family pets. Carry has a large build, above average for a female at 85 lbs, and possesses an extremely intimidating look.  She is extremely defensive oriented, and will produce offspring with excellent protection characteristics. Moxie's pedigree is one of the most impressive you will ever see. 

Moxie has been evaluated by a third party professional trainer.  She is a TOP quality puppy and is fully capable to go into any working venue, including tracking, trail, naracotics, protection, or whatever else you can think of!  Moxie will excell at whatever area her owner desires.  She is an extraordinary pup!

Moxie will also make an exceptional family pet with terrific obedience potential, and her loyalty will be unsurpassed. She will excel as a protective addition to your home!

Contact us at 406.360.2990, or by email at danandapril03@gmail.com, if you would like to bring Mais home to your family.

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