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Nais Gymor


Czech Import

Hips 0/0  Elbows 0/0


VD Rated

Breed Survey 5CU1/p1

Homozygous Sable

Youngest Tom grandaughter in the World!

Nais is a beautiful black sable Czech import.  She has earned her Zvv1 title with a VD rating.  She also has excellent hips and elbows. She has high prey and ball drive, and strong defensive drives with solid nerves.  She is a good sized girl and has wonderful conformation with deep black pigment with red undertones.  Nais is energetic and sweet, very friendly and loves her people.  She is a very well rounded dog.

Nais' pedigree is impressive and full of great working dogs.  Her sire, Gall Zla-Mi, (IPO3, FPr2, Zvv1) is one of the most gorgeous studs in Europe.  He is a direct son of the world famous Tom z Pohranicni Straze, and his entire pedigree is power packed and full of serious working dogs with heavy bone, deep pigment and solid nerve.

Nais' dam is Desire Gymor (Zvv1, VD Rated).  Desire also has a solid working pedigree.

Every dog in Nais' 4 generation pedigre is titled!

Also, all of Nais' parents and grandparents have excellent hips.  She passes on her excellent structure and hip health to her progeny, along with her strong desire to please, and natural protection instincts. 

Nais is a solidly bred, well rounded, confident girl that is a joy to be around and beautiful to boot!

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