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 Sire:  Al Capone Seahawk, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, BH
Dam:  Taryn z Jirkova Dvora, DM clear n/n, Czech border patrol

DOB:  March 22, 2020

Sex: Female


Nora is a very sweet and beautiful black sable female.  She is independent at first, but quickly warms up to her handler and becomes the most aggressive at play in the litter.  She already has a deep bite, and will latch to a toy tightly.  She is vocal and happy.  Nora will smother you with her love when she bonds very tightly to her people.  Nora also loves searching out new ground and using her nose confidently.  She will prove to be a fiercly loyal pup.

Nora is sired by Vom Berk Haus' own Al Capone Seahawk, a large and powerful sire with a great "on/off" switch, flashy obedience, a strong bite, and an eager working temperment.  Cap is himself an IPO3 titled dog, achieving solid scores on his final exam, and his pedigree is extremely impressive, full of generations of World champions and world competitors on both sides of his lineage.  Nora's dam, Taryn, is an exceptionally athletic working female, demonstrating an eagerness to please that is rarely found.  Taryn was raised in a police K9 home.  Her Czech border patrol lineage provides insight into the practical, functional expression of her genetics.  Nora's breeding will ensure that she is perfectly equipped to excel in any situaiton she encounters, either as a family pet, protector, or working canine.  

For inquiries about bringing Nora into your home, please contact us at 406.360.2990, or email us at danandapril03@gmail.com.


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