Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds


$15,000 $20,000

Ramsey is a beautiful dark sable boy imported from Europe.  He is an own son of the 2x world champion, Qvido Vepeden!  He is a solid 90 lb boy, intact, current on all vaccinations and vet care, who just turned 2 years old.  He is playful and happy, good with other dogs, and great in public and with strangers.  Ramsey is a big strong, fairly dominant boy, with nerves of steel, nothing rattles him.  He is exactly what we look for in a male, big beautiful broad head, heavy bone, good conformation, intelligent, loyal and devoted to his family, rock solid nerve, and strong drives.  He just finished up a training course and the trainers had nothing but good to say about him!  Ramsey has good on leash obedience, excellent drives, loves his ball, and his family.  He is non destructive inside or out. He is classified as a deterrent dog, he is not a finished protection dog (hence the price).  You can feel confident anywhere you go with a big, intimidating boy like Ramsey by your side!

*Price will increase with training.  

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