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Scooby PPD


Meet Scooby!  You will not find a better looking, sweet and loveable boy, who can and will eat a bad guy! This guy was trained by a very well known police K9 handler in Europe, named David.  David has trained top dogs for many police K9 units in the US, who return to him again and again when they need solid, dependable dogs.  You won't find a better trainer anywhere in the world.  Scooby is the epitome of a police K9, he is an intense, extremely serious dog.   Not for someone looking for a couch potato or marshmallow, or a German Shepherd just for a deterrent, he is a dog that has no problem biting a bad guy, with or without equipment.  HE WILL NEED A CONFIDENT, EXPERIENCED HANDLER. Scooby will engage an attacker on command, has an extremely intimidating "watch" command, and he will also take down someone sneaking up on you that you don't see, without a command. Check out his home invasion videos. The icing on the cake is his incredible coloring, extra large size, and huge, bear-like head.  No one will mess with you with a dog like Scooby around.  This big beautiful boy is the full package - intense protector who knows his job and is extremely good at it.  The best part is, he isn't even two years old yet, he has his entire life ahead of him.  Check out Scooby's videos, we are sure you will agree, he is a unique dog and you won't find a boy like him anywhere else. 

We are selling Scooby below cost, but will only sell to someone who can demonstrate capability with true working dogs.  He will NOT be sold as a pet.  

Call us at 406.396.8967 for more information. 

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