Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds

Xavi IGP2

Black sable male
 DOB: July 24, 2016

Xavi is an executive level protection dog.

Large and scary sums up Xavi.  Xavi is a German imported male, who just turned 4 in July. He is an extremely large, powerful dog, and one of the most intimidating dogs we've ever seen!  Xavi was raised as an inside dog in a house with a 2 year old little girl. He is extremely sweet and loving and loves to wrap his big ol’ paw around your leg to give hugs. He is one of the sweetest natured dogs we’ve had in a long time. Xavi is also great with kids, and most female dogs.  He is an extremely confident, bold, assertive boy who absolutely will not back down from a fight.  Xavi is also huge, around 90 lbs! His size combined with the dark appearance, and physical presence, makes him a very convincing deterrent. The raw power and speed Xavi puts into protection will ensure you are protected from the most violent of attackers. Xavi is one in a million. He is happiest in the house with his people, or cuddling with the kids. He is flat out cool!  You absolutely will not find another dog like him anywhere else. Xavi can be handled by anyone.  Watch the video of our 9 year old daughter handling him, he will protect her with his life.   If you are looking for a serious dog, who can and will attack, take a look at Xavi. He is the perfect all-around dog! 

Our trainer commented that you could leave Xavi under a bridge with a bag of cash tied aroud his neck all night long and no one would touch it!

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Xavi is located in the US

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