Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds

Puppy Hip & Health Guarantee

Thank you for purchasing a puppy from Vom Berk Haus! Our puppies are raised in our home and are important to us, as are you, their new owner.

The puppy must be given proper shade and housing, be sufficiently fed and watered, and in no manner mistreated. The puppy must always receive proper nutrition, proper exercise and live in a healthy environment. The buyer must also agree to let the puppy spend some of its day in companionship with it's new owner, and provide a secure area in which the puppy can play and exercise. Bonding is very important for you and your new puppy. Your puppy comes with the following guarantee:

HEALTH GUARANTEE Before going to their new homes, all of our puppies are given age appropriate de-wormer and vaccines.The puppy may be checked by your veterinarian within 48 hours after his arrival at your home. If the puppy does not pass the vet check (has a serious, life-threatening illness or problem), the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded upon return of the puppy and a letter from the veterinarian describing the problem encountered. This guarantee is no longer in effect after the puppy has been in his/her new home more than 48 hours, as we have no control over his/her new environment. If it is determined that the health of the puppy has been affected detrimentally by his/her new environment, this guarantee will be null and void. Serious genetic defects are covered by this guarantee for one year, including eyes and heart. Serious genetics defects are defined as a genetic mutation that greatly reduces the quality of life or greatly impacts normal, everyday life. A written examination from a veterinarian must state that a serious genetic defect exists and be accompanied by x-rays and other testing as appropriate. The breeder is not responsible for the vet bill, or the return shipping.  Puppies that become sick or die due to an accident or buyers negligence (chewing electrical cords, hung by collar, exposing the puppy to strange dogs before fully vaccinated, etc.) will not be replaced. VBH Shepherds reserves the right to have the pup examined by a different vet for a second opinion, if needed.

HIP GUARANTEE Hip and elbow dysplasia is only partially genetic. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide quality dog food and adequate nutrition. Until 6 months, feed a high quality puppy food, and no supplements, unless recommended by your vet. Excessive protein, vitamins, and minerals can also be harmful. A German Shepherd grows very fast in a short amount of time. The bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments are still very soft and can be damaged by over feeding, as well as environmental factors, such as jumping from high places, falls, or blows. Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of hereditary hip dysplasia, providing the puppy has not been used for breeding (sired or whelped a litter), and that the defect is not caused by trauma, stress, neglect, abuse or any NON-inherited factor. If the hip dysplasia is determined by a veterinarian to be of NON-inherited origin, the guarantee is null and void, and will not be honored. We will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value if the puppy is found to have severe hip dysplasia (moderate to extreme) in which the disease is crippling. The X-ray and a copy of the OFA letter of diagnosis must be given to the breeder. If the breeder so chooses, they have the right to have the X-ray’s re-done by their own veterinarian and submitted to OFA for a second opinion (many poor hip readings are inaccurate due to improper positioning by veterinarians and/or their staff).

To be covered by this Hip/Health Guarantee, the same person who originally bought the puppy from Vom Berk Haus must own the puppy. If the puppy is sold or given away to another person, the hip/healthguarantee will be null and void. Environment plays an important part in the development of healthy hips. If the puppy is allowed to become overweight or does not receive proper nutrition, the hip guarantee will be null and void. If the puppy is over 26 months of age before being x-rayed and diagnosed, the hip guarantee will also be null and void. Early spaying/neutering has been proven to have detrimental effects to joint development and overall health. VBH Shepherds requires pups to be at least 1 year old to be sterilized, in order to be covered by the Hip/Health guarantee. See the UC Davis study on our blog post. Under no circumstances will a refund be given. If a puppy is found to have a crippling genetic disease or crippling hip dysplasia, a replacement puppy will be provided. Only one replacement puppy will be provided, and the replacement puppy will not be covered under the hip and health guarantee. Registering your puppy with AKC is optional. However, if you choose to register your puppy, you MUST register it in the name provided by Vom Berk Haus. If you change the registered name of the puppy, the guarantee will no longer be in effect.

We wish you and your puppy the very best. Give the love, care, and attention your puppy deserves and you will be rewarded with a loyal, devoted, and beautiful companion for many years! Please drop us a note and photo of your puppy every so often. We greatly enjoy knowing how puppies from our breedings are developing: danandapril03@gmail.com.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would leave us a review on Facebook and Google at Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds. Thank you!

How does shipping work?

We can ship pups by air to any airport that Alaska cargo services. We can also sometimes ship by United or Delta. Shipping pups by air is $1000, and includes everything – crate, vet visit, health certificate, flight and transport. We can also ground ship puppies, door to door. We prefer to ground ship, since we don’t run into temperature restrictions, cancelled and delayed flights, etc. Ground shipping is available once or twice a month, and you must be flexible on the delivery time as routes change. Ground shipping is also $1000. We have shipped many puppies and have years of experience. We have shipped to multiple countries around the world, and to every state in the US, except Hawaii (they have very stringent and lengthy quarantine requirements). We have never had a puppy harmed by either method of shipping and all have arrived safe and sound.

What food should be fed to my new puppy?

We feed Sportmix Wholesomes, chicken and rice dog food, in a red bag. We order it on chewy.com and it comes right to our house with free shipping. It’s a high quality dog food that won’t break the bank, and we have not had any stomach sensitivities or allergies whatsoever on this food. Our pups start out on the same food as their dams, since they eat right alongside them the first few weeks. We don’t want to switch them to a puppy food, and then have their new owners switch them again just a couple weeks later. We send you home with a bag of the Sportmix Wholesomes, so that you can mix it into whatever new food you choose to feed your pup and make the transition a gentle one on their young stomachs.

What vaccinations do you give?

Pups are de-wormed at 4 and 6 weeks before they leave for their new homes. We use pyrantel pamoate de-wormer. We believe the 8, 12, 16 week schedule is best for vaccinating puppies. We vaccinate our pups at 8 weeks (if they are still with us and haven’t been picked up yet). We use the standard 5 way puppy vaccine, Canine Distemper-Adeovirus Type 2 –Parainfluenza –Parvovirus Vaccine, Modified live virus. We de-worm and vaccinate ourselves.